Mr. Dynamite

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Today I received a spam text from an old flame. One of those “click here to see my profile pic” spam messages, yea weird.

I’d call him Mr. Dynamite. Mr. Dynamite is tall, slender, muscular cut, caramel skin tone with sexy dreads. I love his dreads. I replied to the text “is this real, or spam”. His reply “my phone got spammed…I see we don’t talk anymore, what’s up with that?” Well, I could see where this conversation was going before it started. I must admit, after experiencing the devastating blow from Mr. Unavailable, it felt nice to hear from Mr. Dynamite.

Mr. Dynamite was before Mr. Ex. I actually have known Mr. Dynamite for 14yrs. WOW! OMG I just had an “I feel old” moment. Mr. Dynamite is one of those men that’s in my opinion only good for one thing, SEX! His sex will keep you coming back. His sex will solve all your problems. Broke? Call Mr. Dynamite. Stressed? Oh yea, call Mr. Dynamite. Angry and you just don’t know why? Definitely, call Mr. Dynamite. Sex with him is like attending a fireworks event, he will find inches of your body no man has ever touched. You’d react ways you never thought you would. Each twirl of his tongue, touch of his fingertip sends this shock throughout your body, mini explosions. He can even say things in a text that’ll have you at his place within 3.5 seconds, doesn’t matter how far you live, you’d find a way. He’s sexy and has always been sexy since high school.

Well, anyways. So here I am writing this post and still receiving texts from Mr. Dynamite. He said he’s back to modeling now. Mmmm I want pics. A single text of “…I miss you”….sends a million thoughts through my mind. He has always liked me, he’s professed it a million times. And even said if Mr. Ex doesn’t marry me, he would. Ah, he doesn’t know I left Mr. Ex a year and 6months ago (hehehe). I don’t want a relationship with this man, he’s not marrying material (for me), but I do want sex.

I feel guilty for wanting to sleep with him though. Like maybe I should once again take another break from getting my feelings hurt by Mr. Unavailable. No sex breaks blows! Sometimes I can be so hard on myself. I try not to be but sometimes I look over in a corner and see a mini me, sitting on a stool, pointing at me and shaking their head. It’s ok to have casual sex. I’ve done it with Mr. Filler (he still contacts me here and there). But, sometimes I feel like I should be this celibate female until Mr. Right comes along. Then I’m like “wait lady”! I stopped my world for Mr. Unavailable and look where it got me. Eh, I thought he was Mr. Right, but he was Mr. Right now!

Well, Mr. Dynamite has emerged…and now this post has gotten me a little stressed 😉

2 thoughts on “Mr. Dynamite

    Battered Wife Seeking Better Life said:
    January 15, 2014 at 11:45 pm

    If you keep the upper hand you can have a moment with Mr. Wonderful and walk away from it. Maybe you just need a little familiarity.

    silentlybliss responded:
    January 15, 2014 at 11:59 pm

    You are so right about keeping the upper hand! I was thinking: just do and enjoy for that moment. And, yes familiarity equals comfort. I don’t know why I think so HARD sometimes.

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