15th street

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Shifting in a bed full of pillows

I can feel the feathers as they lay just beneath my chin

Mozart in the background, sheets the scent of Tide

My ear rings, my noise twitches, yet I refuse to open my eyes

Stay just a little longer, with me

Bits of dreams, like a family gathering,

It’s only just a “visit”

Soon little by little the pillows will clump

The tide would transcend to an unwelcome stench

And Mozart would get drained out by the sound of rushing feet

The impatient cars as their horns and their breaks speak

Another memory diminished by the busyness of 15th street

I release my sealed shut eyes

And face what one calls “reality”

But this, this is not “REAL” to me

This is not where I am supposed to be


MY GOD! Why have I been a victim to this circumstance?

I walk into church for guidance, for love, for support

Yet some members refuse to hold my hand

Turn up their nose, whisper, scoot to the side

As I walk down, just to kneel upon YOU Lord

As I pray, and pray and pray tears stream down my brown cheeks

I am a strong man, I refuse to allow

A cup and coins

To Own ME


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