Month: February 2014

What a Jerk!

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 “I miss you”, a text I received from a familiar number. I had deleted his information from my phone, but I knew who it was.  I knew he was trying to be back into my life. I knew he would probably bring me in close and hurt my feelings once again. I knew he was trouble. Mmmm but trouble excites me, it arouses me as if I’m just about to reach that moment of eruption. That very moment when I cannot control the forces around me nor within me, but I smile in pain. I smile in pleasure.

This time I am ready. I am ready for war. I am ready for his games. His sex is good, but mine is better. This time, I’d make him want me more, make him beg for the softness of my lips. Make a tear fall from his brown eye. Then, just then, I’d get up, pull down my skirt and walk out. As I shut the door, whisper “miss this m*****f***er”.