Month: June 2014

Back at Square One

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The aftermath stories have me kicking myself for every time I went back. Every time I crawled into his bed believing that maybe he would change his mind. When there was someone who was already on his mind. Someone who was there to give everything I thought I was giving. Even though he constantly reminded me that it was nothing. Deep down I knew it was something. I thought the LOVE would save us. Lol, their I go with that love thing. It didn’t exist. He was over me before I was gone. He had someone new before he made his decision. It made it so much easier to leave without a word or goodbye. I shed tears because I think how foolish of me. You allowed yet another one to fool you.


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Why is it that the things you find out after the breakup is what tends to hurt the most? Knowing that the belief that there was truth to the situation diminishes. The light is no longer dim. My heart is pitch black. All the truth you thought was true, turned out to be a lie. Now your stuck trying to figure out was there really ever any truth at all. A question that will forever lie unanswered. It’s amazing how the word love has lost all value in my eyes. It’s been battered and abused to where hate more seems like the correct word to use to replace it. The aftermath stories allowed me to question if LOVE holds the right meaning. The aftermath stories has me questioning if TRUTH holds the right meaning. The truth was all lies and the love was hate in disguise. The Aftermath.