Exhausted, deprived, sucked dry

I’ve lived, I’m living

Yet I’m not alive

You next to me, I’m suffocated

Unable to breath, unable to think

Unable to smile, unable to laugh

I’m unmotivated

Existing, merely existing

Within a relationship

Without the….relations

Within a marriage

Without the merry



Within a house

Without a home…..

I am alone

Yes, I am alone

I am alone when you are beside me

I am alone

when you are

Inside me

Motionless making without the love

Legs only opened for the sake


Unable to enjoy you

I am dry

Tears streaming, I close my eyes

Again, I am existing

Merely existing

Within an empty room

Body flipped, twisted within positions

Your moaning

To my


I cannot suppress this

I cannot support this

Sanctioning the little air you’ve given me

My inner voice grasps


I cannot do this

Devaluing me

diamond dulled

stripped of its shine

I open my eyes

I’ve opened my eyes

I am more than this

Merely existing

Who wants to just exist?

I am more than this

Giving you what you need

I lose more of me

Fraction of a fraction of a fraction

I become less of me




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